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The Austin Champ Vehicle Register

The Austin Champ Register website is produced from information gathered from sources all over the world. The objective is to find details of every Champ manufactured and make this information available to everyone..

The Austin Champ Register is a collection of almost 11 thousand files detailing information and photos of all known vehicles.


If you have any information, questions or Register corrections,
in fact anything related to the Austin Champ!

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Who makes the Register happen?
You do
with a little help from one or two people behind the scenes.

The original Register Web Site was set up in 1997 by Malcolm Hayes in Australia and John Mastrangelo in the UK. This combined John's vast knowledge of these vehicles and Malcolm's IT skills and passion for Champs. In 2006 Malcolm Hayes 'passed the baton' for the Register update to Stuart Reid.

Many thanks to Malcolm for creating this incredible Champ resource!