Champs in Army service

Champs in service Photos
This shows a line of Armoured Champs in the Middle East during the 1950's.
WN1-992 Includes picture of Winston Churchill Condition 7
This photo from the 1950's shows an Austin Champ being made ready for parachute drop.
Unlocated Champ --- Princess on tour
Champs from 16th (Lincoln)Independent Parachute Company
Photo out of 1973 airfix annual said to be champ with M40 in Suez
Champ at Suez 1956
Paratroopers from Soldier Magazine.
Special Air Service modification
Duke of Edinburgh reviewing the troops, at Aldershot.
Number 19 Radio set in a Champ the BOAR
Heavy Mortar 4.2", used by Royal Artillery with Champs and Land Rovers.
Chobham Magnetic Navigation System
MOBAT Recoiless Anti-Tank Gun gun mounted on a Champ.
Anti-Tank Rifle 106 mm M40 that was carried in the Champs
BOAR Champs
Champs in service for The Kings Own Border Regiment
Trailers two wheeled 1/2 ton Sankey in service BOAR
Unlocated Champ fitted with search lights

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