Champ Pix that dont fit anywhere else !

FV 1802
Dashboards WN1 / WN3

Engine bay WN1 / WN3
FV 1801A/2 Ambulance - Temporary
Champs in Movies
WN4 1801.5 Fictional Champ Design by Gus Gowers
Champ Located in Coefia just east of Benghazi.Libya
Located in Mizdah Libya 2000
Champ Graveyard in Patterson California.
The Austin Champ Register AWDCM 1975 Note from John Mastrangelo in club Magazine 1975
Champ Models. If you would like your Champ model featured here send in a picture
WN1-4037 with previous owner Nigel Hempsall
Alltrack 4X4 complete front axle cut open and sectioned with all parts painted to show details.
Rumour - 2 champs are buried under a bridge in UK

Kids love Champs -- well mine do at least !
Simon Mac Allen Location: Dyrham Park 1975

Champ quicktime movies [700k file]
Champ Roo hunting in Australia
Four Champs found in Scotland in 1998

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