Orders prototypes and tests of Champs

The original orders, Prototypes and tests
Car 5cwt 4x4 Wolseley Mudlark:

Pre-Production Truck 1/4 ton 4x4 Combat Truck Austin "Champ"

Scan of the original order, dated 1 August 1951, for 15000 Champs

This is the FFW Costing, Contract 6 VEH 5531, Item 2.

Mudlark P24 Photos of this restored Mudlark

Austin Champ Prototypes

Mr F. T. (Freddie) Henry

Champ Fording Tests in the 1950's

These are the three prototype Field Cars produced circa 1946/47

Ex Ministry of Supply Champs not from Contract 6/VEH/5531

Contract Number 6 Veh 7176 Royal Navy Austin Champs to be used by Royal Marines.

1956 Performance and Reliability test of Champ to evaluate various design changes

Champ Release Note when released from War Dept,one of these was issued.


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