Chassis Number WN1 0000.32

Chassis: WN1-0000.32
Condition: 2
WO Reg: Unknown, all details lost forever...
 Engine: Mk 5a 54346 listed as not fitted to any champ from new... an engine from a box
 RV: n/a
 Struck Off: n/a
 Civ Reg: PC 206496 in 1977 (PC = Piacenza, Mr Pastori'scity).
 Location: Rome Italy
 Owner: Mr Carlo Pastori 1975-2000 now Marco Tullio
 History: Dear John and dear Malcolm,
After the happy experience with my WN1-7790, I have recently bought another
wonderful Austin Champ, perfectly running and in very sound condition. The
car was purchased by Mr Carlo Pastori (with a rebuildt spare power unit!) in
Netherland in 1975, imported, completely dismantled, restored and finally
registred with civil n° PC 206496 in 1977 (PC = Piacenza, Mr Pastori's
Unfortunately the original chassis registration was missed (Mr Pastori could
not find the metal Ministry of Supply plate) and the chassis was officially
registred by Italian PRA (Pubblico Registro Automobilistico) as fancy 23160!
It's impossible for me to reconstruct the original chassis n° (power unit
cant'help me because it's not the original one; the original was wrecked
many years ago and Mr Pastori don't remember the number!). Also the original
Bronze Green was repainted and now there's no traces of military
registration (xxBExx or xxBFxx) or Regimental indications.
Some detail is not original: windsreen, wipers and generator, but the Champ
is mechanically brilliant and really amusing to drive (much better than
7790!). I send to you some jpg images of my new PC 206496 and my best
regards. Yours Marco Tullio

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