Lost Champs

OK we need help on these ones. If you know the owner or details of these Champs please contact us.

WN1 ???3 Leura New South Wales near Katoomba in 1990 Condition 3 Includes Photo


We have photos but no Chassis details of these Champs! Can someone Please help us out? Click on the small pics below to see a bigger picture.

Civ Regs: and the picture are all we have to go on : [3] KLF 588 D [6] 36-18-ZX [Holland] [7] KYG 900 A [8] DLO 574 J [9] MPU 270 C [12] "Simba Hunter" on bonnet [13] Q 626 GBG [14] VPR 120


Gloucestershire 1979


Weston Super Mare 1990


Stoneleigh 1990


Gloucestershire 1980


Essex 1998


Beltring 1998.


Beltring 1998 from Holland.


WN3 ?????
Owner Russell Altmann

Beltring 1999
Owner Clive Goord

Walton UK 1998


WN1 Spain
Laurence van der Eb


Ceder Point rollercoaster park USA

Sydney 1980s - Reg: LDR 502






Aug 2000 USA Condition 4



These Champs have incomplete details although we do know where they are :

WN1-? Frank Sharp Melbourne Victoria Auatralia Condition 1
WN1 ???? Western Australia dated circa 1993 Condition 4

WN1 0000s unknown number Australia 1988
WN1 ???? Essex UK, dated circa 1995 Condition 3

WN1 with Lost Id plates Number 1 Owner Martin Dasler

WN1 with Lost Id plates Number 2 Owner Altmann/Bowers

WN1 with Lost Id plates Number 3 Owner Altmann/Bowers


WN1 ???? Owner Bryan Mole. Mt Evelyn, Victoria ,Australia

WN1 ???? Owners Andy and Jim French this one I can probably solve, as I have email for owner..

WN1 ???? Kevin Naylor. Hastings, New Zealand.
WN1 ???? Location: Berkshire UK Date January 1975
WN1 ???? WD crashed this one in 1959 in Germany.
WN1 9??? Toulon France 1989
WN1 3??? Location: Seneffe, Belgium. date: October 1989
WN1 ???? PKN 320 G No details on this one

WN1 ???? Location: South Carolina, USA 1989 Lost in the USA
WN1 ???? Location: USA Date: 1989 Two Champs in Scrap Yard
WN1 ???? Location: Herefordshire Date: 1991
WN1 ???? Location: Herefordshire Date: 1989
The Austin Champ Register Chassis Number WN1 ???? Gotaway

WN-8000+ Altmann / Bowers Stawell Victoria Australia
WN1 0000.25 Altmann / Bowers Stawell Victoria Australia
WN1 0000.26 Altmann / Bowers Stawell Victoria Australia
WN1 0000.27 Altmann / Bowers Stawell Victoria Australia

WN1 ???? Keith

WN1-0000.29 Western Austalia
WN1-10376 Owner and location unknown
WN1 0000.31 Chassis Number Unknown Ex RN
WN1 0000.32 Marco Tullio Rome Italy
WN1- ????USA Condition 4
WN1-???? Minden NV USA Condition 4



John -austychamp@aol.com

Civilian reg SJF 971G
Previous owner was Tim Jones about 1981 - 1989, Tim has contacted the register and wonders where his old champ is now, He gave it to a friend in the Navy,who sold 'him' to a M.V.O.C. on the .Isle of Wight where he is used as daily transport. Tim believes it could still be on the Isle of Wight, but has heard rumours that it is fitted with WOMBAT recoiless rifle on the rear platform. Note also has fixed/freewheeling hubs. Have you seen this champ??


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