Chassis Number WN1 11683

Chassis: WN1-11683
Condition: 1
WO Reg: 16 BF 83
 Engine: n/a but circa 63440
 DiS: Friday 6 April 1956
 RV: ASC/R/90/3  1st Vehicle Group/12 B Vehicle Depot Ashchurch in Gloucestershire.
 Struck Off: Ruddington in Nottinghamshire on Monday 19 June 1962.
 Sold: Private Sale to ???? This is one a few Austin Champs S/O at Ruddington during Summer of 1962. All the ones traced so far are connected to Somerset either by location or civilian registration.
 Civ Reg: AAW 901A
 Location: Huddersfield
Ewan Scott

Another update and new photos (top) from Ewan in December 2011:"The clutch - I've never come across a clutch that operated like this. It is as if it is functioning but in slow motion... I can let it right out and then it picks up gently...  The engine, well, it needs new front seals, and a good service. The exhaust is a bit blue, so I'll probably want to check the valves and the bores, as I know that it was abused by the previous owner. Howver the good news is that there are no knocks or taps from the engine, though the generator may have a dodgy bearing, I'd need to listen to some other people's motors running first."

An update from Ewan in March 2011: "The rear axle has been rebuilt and two new sills have been welded in place. It should be back on the road for the summer of 2011, but the engine is due to come out for an overhaul in 2012.

Ewan contacted the Register in 2007:  "The vehicle is roadworthy and remains Condition 3 - although I am in the process of carrying out repairs to bring the vehicle up to Condition 2 - possibly in time Condition 1.

The engine runs well, the main gearbox appears to have been overhauled and is fine. I've rebuilt the front axle and steering and  once I get covered storage for the champ I will be changing timing cover seals and then tackling the rear axle - new boots, bushes and I'm guessing pivot seals, and possibly new handbrake linkeage.

The body will be tackled as and when I have the courage and funds - the side panels have been poorly repaired with filler - there are signs of rust above the rear arches, so I'll be fitting new side panels and anything else that falls off when I take the old ones out - any tips would be welcomed.

According to the register this is a FFW vehicle but there is no sign of there ever having been a radio set fitted - apart possibly from the missing rear seat and what might be bolt holes for the shelf guides on the rear inner wings.

Fitted For Wireless [FFW] could carry a simple set and no extra holes were required as pre-drilled holes were standard. Fitted For Radio [FFR] Champs required drilling etc.. to carry Larkspur system."

The vehicle was previously located in Surrey UK


Description of Condition Numbers:
1 Restored, Running in original condition 2 Under restoration or to be restored 3 Salvable 4 Fit for spares 5 Broken up 6 Modified 7 No trace since sold.

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