Chassis Number WN1-11061

Chassis: WN1-11061
Condition: 3
WO Reg: 10 BF 61
 Engine: 62713
 DiS: 6/1/56
 RV: FTM/R/6056/193
 Struck Off: Branston 2/1/67
 Sold: Branston 7/3/67 Lot 860
 Civ Reg: NJW 699E Wolverhampton CBC [1/1/67-31/7/67]
 Location: Ford, Shrewsbury
 Owner: D Pye


Mr Pye was selling the vehicle in the condition shown in the small top photo in 2011

Mr Pye bought the vehicle from Andrew in December 2008.

Was Andrew Foulds shows the vehicle in 2006 and markings found on front grille.

John Mastrangelo:

Formation Sign: 54th [East Anglian] Inf Division [TA] reformed 1956 and disbanded 1967. In 1961, East Anglian District and 54 Div merged and used the same sign.  Unit Sign: 127 on Royal Artillery Colours. Now this is a strange one because until 1961, 54 Div used div numbers and 127 is out of the range. What could 127 represent?
[a] 127 Regt RA: No such regt.
[b] 127 [Dragon] Bty RA was part of 49 Fld Regt RA [11/50 to 8/64] and 49 Light Regt RA [8/64 to 1969]. However, this regt was only based in East Anglia during 1955-1957 [Colchester]. Then it went to Hong Kong. I would very surprised if this was the meaning of 127.
[c] 127 was a RA unit number allocated in 1959 for a General Support Regt RA under Corps HQ and Troops. But it would be strange to use this number as 54 Div TA used a different set of numbers and East Anglian District seem to use 300 series. Ie: 14 Fld Regt RA used 314 on RA colours while in Essex during 1962-63 as part of East Anglian District.

Geoff Fletcher:

All of this fits with “divisional numbers” and “127” appears to be a Corps number. If it were a Heavy Regiment located within East Anglia the most Likely to fit the bill would be 350 Heavy Regiment at Nottingham although at one time Nottingham was in Northern Command! This may have been administered by 54 Div but in fact have been allocated to 1 (BR) Corps in war. However, I have nothing firm to go on. It is an interesting problem!

Description of Condition Numbers:
1 Restored, Running in original condition 2 Under restoration or to be restored 3 Salvable 4 Fit for spares 5 Broken up 6 Modified 7 No trace since sold.

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