Chassis Number WN1-10203

Chassis: WN1-10203
Condition: 7
WO Reg: 02 BE 03



20th Sept 1955


FTM/R/3198/117 (Feltham)

 Struck Off:

Ruddington 4th Jan 1967

 Sold: Vehicle must be in Australia as it is not listed in any Ruddington catalogues. (ie Archie Marshall import)
 Civ Reg:

John M: The other vehicle is a Truck 3 ton 4x4 GS Bedford QL [Ex WWII] and from the markings it seems to be with REME Light Aid Detachment attached to 10th Hussars. Note the German Africa Korps type of caps worn by two of the soldiers with the QL.  The badge on the officer's cap looks like the 10th hussars.  Picture is therefore the10th Royal Hussars [Prince of Wales's Own], 25th Arm Bde, 10th Arm Div Force "O" in Aqaba Jordan Feb 1956 to July1957.  The 10th Hussars was formed in 1715 as "Humphrey Gore's Regiment ofDragoons and merged with 11th Hussars [Prince Albert's Own] on 25 October1969 to form The Royal Hussars [Prince of Wales's Own].  HQ 10th Armoured Division was formed in Tripoli Libya during October 1956 and provided units for Force O in Jordan on a rotation basis. Force O consisted of one armoured regiment [Eg: 10th Hussars], one battery of artillery [Eg: 80th LAA Regt RA] and one coy of infantry [Eg: 1st Bn The Middlesex Regiment].

Force O originated after WWII and was used to preserve the peace in Jordan. Jordan became an independant kingdom from British control in 1946 and annexed the West Bank of Palestine in 1950. The king of Jordan is assassinated in 1951 by a Palestinian who saw the King as as an ally of Israel in the carving up of Palestine. The king's son, Hussein, take over as ruler in August 1952. More British troops are called in during 1956 to assist the King in keeping his throne. The final withdrawal of all British troops was in 1957.

More on Force O:

The port of Aqaba [Can be spelt Akaba] was built by the British after WWI during their mandate.  The Jordanian King Abdullah [Assassinated on 20 July 1951] requested British help in late 1948 after the Israeli victories earlier in the year. The first British troops, 1st Bn Royal Lincolnshire Regt, arrived on 5 Jan 1949.  After the Arab defeat by Israel in 1948, the Israelis were moving towards Aqaba and took the fishing village of Eilat in March 1949 some 4 miles from Aqaba.  The new British Force O was so-called after Lt-Col Oulton who was CO of the 1st Bn Royal Lincolnshire Regiment. The Jordanian government broke all treaty ties with Britain in March 1957 and final withdrawal was marked by ceremony on 6 July 1957.  However, the British "Returned" for a short visit during the Summer of 1958 to assist King Hussein in keeping his throne.  Force O was there to protect Jordan from any Israeli invasion or attack.

Description of Condition Numbers:
1 Restored, Running in original condition 2 Under restoration or to be restored 3 Salvable 4 Fit for spares 5 Broken up 6 Modified 7 No trace since sold.

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