Chassis Number WN1-6774

Chassis: WN1-6774
Condition: 2
WO Reg: 67 BE 74
 Engine: 55578
 DiS: Monday 15 June 1954
 RV: ASC/R/654 [1st Vehicle Group Royal Army Ordnance Corps, 12th "B" Vehicle Depot Ashchurch in Gloucestershire]. This has nothing to do with military service, this depot received your Champ when new from manufacturer.
 Struck Off: Struck Off Census: War Department Storage & Disposal Ruddington in Nottinghamshire on Monday 8 February 1965.
 Sold: 79th Ruddington Sale by auctioneers Walker, Walton & Hanson on Tuesday 20 July 1965 as Lot No 507B [One of 3 Champs in Lot 507]. The vehicle was located on Asher Lane Ground at Ruddington Depot.
 Civ Reg: First registered in NZ in  December 1966 and shown as previously registered in the UK
 Location: New Zealand.

Paul Whiting


B/O 3/60 B269: Base Overhaul completed March 1960 at Base Workshop B269. Location UK.

WBO 919672 M: This is believed to be a storage number.

The vehicle is in reasonable condition, unrestored, a runner, complete with snorkel, hood bows, hood etc.  I have owned it since 1985. Like all of them the back-end is very suspect.

Description of Condition Numbers:
1 Restored, Running in original condition 2 Under restoration or to be restored 3 Salvable 4 Fit for spares 5 Broken up 6 Modified 7 No trace since sold.

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