Chassis Number WN1-5323

Chassis: WN1-5323,
Condition: 1
WO Reg: 53 BE 23
 Engine: 53487 is now 55265 could be new crated unit.
 DiS: 18/1/54
 RV: EGL/R/2240
 Struck Off: Ruddington 21/6/62. Private Sale.
 Sold: The vehicle was purchased privately by a dealer from Somerset in 1962. This was one of a batch of Champs that never went through the normal auctions at Ruddington.
 Civ Reg: 105 UYB
 Location: Northamptonshire

David Busfield


David  supplied the photos of the vehicle coloured green after having recently purchased it in Sept 2012.

Was Colin and Kerrie Wilson North Yorshire, UK since November 2005.  Photos of vehicle in sand colour are from Colin and Kerrie, May 2006.
Was owned by Andrew Whitby, Wales until November 2005.

JM: This is one of a batch of Champs S/O in Ruddington in 1962 and sold privately. All seem to be linked to Somerset. This one has civilian registration 105 UYB [YB was Somerset CC]. I have one here 05 BE 63

If the back was cut out by WD, then this could indicate that your vehicle was used by the Parachute Regiment. In 1956, the US made Self-Propelled Recoiless Anti-Tank Rifle 106mm M40 was put into service with the Anti-Tank Platoon of the Support Company attached to the Parachute Battalions. Three battalions existed: 1st Para, 2nd Para and 3rd Para.

The Anti-Tank Platoon had 1 officer and 27 soldiers. The officer was issued with a FFW Champ and trailer and the 6 M40 Rifles were carried on 6 Cargo Champs each with a trailer. Each M40 Rifle had a crew of 4.

The first use in action of this weapon with Champs was in Jordan during the summer of 1958. The back was cut out to aid lifting Rifle in and out of vehicle as it could be used on the ground or within the vehicle. The desert colour indicates use in Middle East which links up well with Jordan. The rear light boxes were often removed and the lights etc..mounted lower down.

 The formation sign [n/s front and rear] was Pegasus and the unit sign [o/s front and rear] was a white or sometimes blue 55 [1st Para], 56 [2nd Para and 57 [3rd Para] on maroon. The sizes were 5" x 5" [Front] and 4" x 4" [Rear]. Locations: Front of bonnet and rear bumpers.

Description of Condition Numbers:
1 Restored, Running in original condition 2 Under restoration or to be restored 3 Salvable 4 Fit for spares 5 Broken up 6 Modified 7 No trace since sold.

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