Chassis Number WN1-4921

Chassis: WN1-4921
Condition: 1
WO Reg: 49 BE 21
 Engine: 52919
 DiS: 9 Dec 1953
 RV: LUD/R/32 for 1st Vehicle Group RAOC 13th "A" Vehicle Depot Ludgershall
 Struck Off: WD Disposal and Storage Depot Bowhouse on 27 March 1962
 Sold: Bowhouse on 5 March 1962 as Lot 1211
 Civ Reg:

504 UXO was DHS 498J

 Location: Ayrshire

John Webster


Previously vehicle was known but no location, condition or owner identified until John contacted the Register in Jan 2012 and supplied the photo: "I first saw this Champ in 2004, it was advertised for sale by a guy in Symington in Ayrshire.  I mentioned it to a friend of mine who thought he would like to have a look as he had always fancied one and had some cash burning a hole in his pocket. At this time it had the registration number DHS 498J, the story being that it had been bought at the Bowhouse sales and used on a shooting estate. HS is a Renfrewshire registration, next to Ayrshire (where Bowhouse is) so that bit might be right enough, with the "D" and "J" making it registered in between March and August '71. Anyway, we went to look at it and although it needed a bit of tidying it wasn't too bad and did start and drive, although the brakes were a bit iffy. My friend decided it was just what he needed, so it was bought and transported back to my yard where it was to be worked on. A change in my friends circumstances a couple of months later meant that the Champ went way down the list of priorities and it sat for some time with nothing having being done to it. Around this time another mate, Jack Conway was getting fed up with the jeep he had been working on and asked if the Champ was for sale. A deal was done and in 2005 Jack became the new owner. Some work was done on it, an age related registration was applied for (504 UXO was issued) and the Champ was ready for the Queens highway once again.In the Summer of 2010 Jack was under a bit of pressure with too many projects so he asked if I would be interested in buying the Champ. The inevitable happened and I became the proud owner of a 1953 Champ to add to the collection."

Description of Condition Numbers:
1 Restored, Running in original condition 2 Under restoration or to be restored 3 Salvable 4 Fit for spares 5 Broken up 6 Modified 7 No trace since sold.

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