Chassis Number WN1 2377

Chassis: WN1 2377
Condition: 1
WO Reg: 23 BE 77
 Engine: Now 53835 was originally 4194
 DiS: 1/4/53
 RV: CBR/R/3
 Struck Off: 24 10 66
 Sold: Bowhouse 13/1/67 lot 322 [not sold] again on 8/9/67 lot 1295.
 Civ Reg: SSY 852 (Age related)
Was XVD 868 J [Lanarkshire 1970]
 Location: Thornaby, Cleveland
Was Bathgate, Glasgow
 Owner: Company called
Was Charles Shaw

 For sale by the above company on E-bay in 2006

An interesting message from Frank Dobson in July 2011:"Does anyone on the forum know the location or present owner of Champ 23 BE 77, Chassis No WNI 2377 and registered as SSY 852. The vehicle was last for sale on E-Bay in 2006 by a company named This company is situated in Stockton on Tees not far from my present home in Tyne and Wear. I'm not sure where the Champ went if sold in 2006 and although I have not yet contacted the above company to see if they have its sale on record, I thought I would try this site first.

My Father, during his TA service, drove 23 BE 77 when it was with 324 Medium Regt Royal Artillery in Newcastle upon Tyne. I have a picture with my Father standing infront of the Champ during the late Fifties or Early Sixties when on exercise. This splendid vehicle was well known to myself and my older Brothers as we had many a ride in the Champ which my Father was very fond of and this is reflected in the condition he kept it during his time with 324.

We were very suprised to see the Champ was still around and in very good condition according to the pictures seen on this site when it was painted and marked as a Scottish 52 Div vehicle. It would be nice to have an updated look at the Champ again or receive any info regarding the present location, it may even be available for sale again. I could also send in the picture to the site if possible and if it would prove interesting.

Description of Condition Numbers:

1 Restored, Running in original condition 2 Under restoration or to be restored 3 Salvable 4 Fit for spares 5 Broken up 6 Modified 7 No trace since sold.


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