Chassis Number WN1-914

Chassis: WN1-914
Condition: 5
WO Reg: 09 BE 14
 Engine: Originally 2649, now 2961 which came from Chassis No: WN1-2086( WO Reg: 20 BE 86, DiS: 27 Jan 53, RV: MKH/R/4617, S/O: BAOR 28 Oct 66)
 DiS: 17/11/52
 RV: LMH/R/5473
 Struck Off: BOAR 31/12/63
 Sold: BOAR
 Civ Reg: 93-7505
 Location: New Hampshire

John Freeston


John Freeston Sept 2011: "Sorry for the delay in providing some photos to accompany the info I sent a couple of weeks ago. I am the new owner of 914, which joins 11388 in my little “fleet”. There are lots of useable components, and at this point I’d say it is restorable in its own right. The engine and transmission are out of the vehicle, as I purchased those from the prior owner, John Fritts, in 2009. Since both vehicles are fairly complete, my current plan is to make the best one I can for the first restoration"

In June 2009 John Fritts Franklin, Ohio was breaking the vehicle and sold the engine, gearbox and other various bits to John Freestone of New Hampshire, USA

Jason Luking of Frankfort, Kentucky, USA bought the vehicle from Randy Franklin on e-bay in 2007: "Almost complete very little rust to be worked on after 10515 is done."

Was Randy Franklin Indiana, USA.  Randy contacted the Register in 2007:  "It is 95% complete but in non-running condition.  It was last registered in Indiana in the USA in 1972 and has been stored in a barn until now.  I got it from a swap deal from my buddy."
Randy sold the vehicle on e-bay in 2007.

Description of Condition Numbers:
1 Restored, Running in original condition 2 Under restoration or to be restored 3 Salvable 4 Fit for spares 5 Broken up 6 Modified 7 No trace since sold.

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